Top high-paid football head coaches in 2020 (Part 1)

Although head coaches don’t cover much spotlight as their student- footballers, they play an important to decide winning of one team. Another way, one successful team can’t miss contribution of head coach. So, many clubs invest big budget to hire good managers to bring victory for their team.

In this article, we collect top head coach high-paid in 2020 for your reference. Some names make you surprised because of their big revenues from football.

1, Diego Simeone

This is 50-year-old manger the highest-paid in the world for a manager position with $43.6 m. this is a big transfer of Atletico Madrid. The fact, it is a deserved deal when he brings a lot of victories for their team.

Even, all players and fans of Atletico Madrid consider him as a symbol of the club because his style and strategies express clearly as an Argentine’s personality. So, all people feel proud of winnings and awards they already have reached.

2, Pep Guardiola

Pep Guardiola is ranked the second with his salary $23.28m at Manchester City since 2016 until now. Although the recent time, luck and success at the Premier league has not smiled with him and his student, he is always highly appreciated with impressive track record.

Before managing Manchester united, he has ever reached successful rewards at Barcelona and Bayern Munich. 

3, Jurgen Klopp

Jurgen Klopp is close with Chelsea in many recent seasons. Although some first events, he made disappointed when continuing to fail three consecutive finals like the Premier league. However, he overcame failure to fulfill promise about a premier team for Chelsea.

As a good result, he has helped Chelsea to achieve series of winnings in Champions league, FIFA club World cup and UEFA super cup. After these successes, Liverpool has become a big one.

Because of his big contribution, he is renewed contract until 2024 with salary €17.52m.