Football betting is among the many markets offered by most bookmakers and online casinos. Betting on football is easy, as you just need to predict the outcome of a selected match. Some of the most common football markets which you will find in casinos include:

  • Full-time result

Here you are required to predict which team wins a game or if it will be a draw. You can either back the home team or the away team, and all the options have different odds, which are set by bookmakers, depending on the strength and league position of the teams and previous matches, among other factors.

  • Goal markets

The goal market comes in many forms, with some including instances where the player is required to predict the number of goals to be scored, goals by each team if both teams will score or the correct scoreline.

  • Special markets

The specialised markets offer the player an opportunity to predict on what will happen in the game, such as if there will be red cards or yellow cards, the first player to score, or the method through which a goal will be scored.

How to Bet on a Football Game

Some things to consider before placing your football bet include:

  • Open an account with a trusted bookmaker

Opening an account is easy, as you just need to register through the online bookmaker’s platform, either through a website or an app.

  • Fund your account

Bookmakers offer different account funding options, and you should choose the most convenient, which usually includes bank transfers or credit and debit cards.

  • Identify the match and betting market

Many football matches are being played each day around the world, available for betting. You need to identify the team you want to bet on. Also, you can combine several match markets on your betting slip to increase the payout.