Top 10 greatest national football teams in the world all time

Football is the king of sport because it has millions of fan from over the world. In football history, we impress with many legendary football team with their inspiration and inventive play. They give positive feeling and passion for fans.

Among the best teams like Brazil, French, there are other young teams have ever reached achievements in Champions like Netherlands, Italy.

In this article, we share top 10 greatest national football teams ever in the football history.

4/ Brazil

Almost people consider that Brazil is the greatest football team all time because they have big series of achievement during his career.

The Brazil team have ever owned a few of legendary players such as Pele, Jairzinho, Tostao, Rivelino or Carlos Alberto.

5/ Hungary

Hungary is a new team to win the World Cup. They made deeply impressive for fans when they won the World Cup 1952 with amazing result. In total 28 games, they won 24 times. Especially the final match they excellently overcame the West Germans in Berne to become Champion in the first time in history. Some experts said that their performance was a miraculous comeback.

6/ Netherland

The truth that Netherland have never reached any title for World Cup before, but they also made their special style to be vote in the ranking of top the greatest team in history.

This team had many times to be in the World Cup final like 1974 and 1978 season, but they were defeated by others.

They contributed to football develop when they propose a premise system called “Total Football”.  It meant that any player can move their role to other position so that it made flexible and various.

In history of this football nation, they have ever won 5 titles for Eredivisie and 3 titles for European Cups.