Discover the physical improvement secrets of professional players

Professional sports in the United States have widely adopted biometric technologies, significantly expanding the player’s biological tracking. These technologies are capable of preventing injuries, improving performance and extending athletes’ careers

Biometric data analysis and special physical exercises have helped a series of basketball stars in the NBA achieve success in competition.

Nearly half of NBA players spend some of their leisure time at an unpopular building in Santa Barbara, California, USA. This is the home of P3 – a peak physical development project for the highest level athletes.

Dr. Elliott is a pioneer of trend analysis of athlete data. Accordingly, instead of doing common exercises, athletes will be analyzed 3D motion to find the pros and cons so that they can improve their physical reality. This method also helps athletes find areas of the body that are weak to strengthen measures to avoid injuries.

A bunch of NBA players came here and got results, like Aaron Gordon of Orlando Magic; Kawhi Leonard of Toronto Raptors.

Devices using artificial intelligence to reduce injuries in sports

Fathom AI is a dominant technology among the top tech startups. This device works on small sensors capable of capturing the biometric data of athletes, thereby tailoring the exercise program to each person to prevent injury and push. Fast recovery process. This new device was developed by two former student-athletes from Duke University. Fathom AI includes a smartphone app and three small biosensors attached to the user’s ankle and lower back.

One of the three sensors is attached to the user’s ankle. These sensors are capable of tracking in detail the change in workout performance between days and between athletes’ exercises. From the data collected, AI will analyze and determine the athletes’ health, and warn them if they are overtraining or at risk of injuries. love.

Ivonna Dumanyan, a co-founder of Fathom AI, said the device is built based on the user’s exercise process, thereby creating a specialized workout plan suitable for each athlete. It is known that the technology can also work with other biometric data applications such as Apple Health smartwatches or Garmin smartwatches.

In recent years, technology products that integrate health monitoring have been a fertile ground for scientists and large companies alike. These products help track health, exercise regime regularly. Besides, they also analyze player’s abilities and give warnings when detecting negative signs about their health.