Top football transfer in 2019-2020 season (Part 3)

In this article, we continue to share top the best footballers with the richest transfer in 2019-2020 season.

The fact, before starting one season, all involved people to football care and discuss transfer contracts. This topic is the hottest to set up a perfect team for new season. Although some transfers are successful, others still fail while their federation pay big cost to get the transfer. All make interesting for football.

From the last article, we refer 4 names, including: Aaron Wan, Frenkie De Jong, Dani Ceballos and Harry Maguire. Now, continue other famous footballers as followings:

5, Joao Felix

In this season, Joao Felix is transferred from Benfica to Atletico Madrid with the value up to €126 million. This amount is extremely for the teenager just coming to professional career in recent time.

He is a Portuguese attacker. In the last season, he got 15 goals and 7 assists for Benfica. He had also a hattrick against Frankfurt in the Euro tournament. 

By his great performance, he has ever compared with the star- Cristiano Ronaldo, also a Portuguese player.

Although this transfer receives both negative and positive comments from critics, he is still expected to light up as his youth.

6, Rodri

Rodri had a successful league in the La Liga for Atletico Madrid in 2019 season. He had 3.1 tackles and 2 clearances with the passing accuracy of 91.1% during 34 games at the attacker and defender. He was voted for the top 3 best players with the most impressive performance in the La Liga.

By his achievement, he is transfer to Manchester City with the value at €70 million.

At the age of 23-year-old, this amount is so big and fantastic. He is expected to make  new window to connect other members in Manchester city to become the best team for this season.