Top football transfer in 2019-2020 season (Final)

We continue to share top outstanding football transfer in the 2019-2020 season. As referred, footballers play the most important to decide winning of a team in the pitch. They directlt get almost sportlight about one team.

The fact, to have a strong team, each club trys to invest a big budget to employ some stars which they think they are lacing experience. So, talented players always become hot topic after finishing per season.

9, Antoine Griezmann

In 2019-2020 season, Antoine was transferred from Atletico Madrid to Barcelona FC, with a big sum- €120 million. By this amount, he was on top the highest-paid in one season.

In the recent time, Antoine was highly appreciated as the best forward in the world when he helped his national French team to win the FIFA World Cup. His offensive skills as well passing and dribbling skills looked like professional and smart to overcome other opposing players fast. This was the reason why France could become The Championship with series of winning in the play-offs.

With the big amount for transfer, he is expected to help Barcelona FC to pick up theLa Liga trophy.

In the first period of season, he already made 15 goals and 9 assistes. This number was deserved to receive big salary from transfer.

10, Eden Hazard

He was transferred from Chelsea to Real Madrid, with €100 millions.

Eden became a legend in Chelsea when he contributed to build up winning and trophies for Chelsea during the time he was a player at there, such as winning the Premier League twice and one title for UEL cup. He was ever voted for the best player in the world when playing for Chelsea.

By this excellent dribbling skill which is after Lionel Messi, he is a target for any team. Real Madird takes advantage of wealth to own him at the highest amount for one transfer contract.