Top famous football transfer in 2019-2020 season

Football is described as one industry with millions of dollars when it creates many business transactions in per season, from employing full-experienced coaches, advertising contracts of stars to expensive tickets to watch a live final match so on. All should be negotiated by money, even so much money. 

In this article, we will discuss a aspect of transaction in football which is top famous transfers among players in 2019-2020 season. 

As a normal rule, ending of one season, almost big clubs are running and chasing great footballers to build up a strong team for the next season. It’s incredible that one transfer can be valuated to 100 million or even more. 

3/ Aaron Wan-Bissaka

In 2019-2020, Aaron Wan-Bissaka is the biggest transfer of Manchester United up to 55 million of dollars.

This is a 21 year-old player, moved from Crystal Palace. Although he is still young, he proves that he deserves to valuate as amount in the transfer contract. 

In some recent seasons, he has expressed well from ability of arrangement on the ball to fast speed to solve problem and even tackling. He creates many assistances and scores for Crystal in the last season with on average 1.7 dribbles, 2.4 interceptions and 3.7 tackles.

4/ Frenkie De Jong

Frenkie De Jong is a Dutch midfielder. In the last season, he played in the uniform of Ajax. But this season, he is transferred to Barcelona with 75 million.

He is considered as one of the orchestrators of the Ajax team to overcome other strong opponents and go to the semi-final of the UCL cup. Although this performance is not the best he has ever reached, he proves himself that he is a good option to transfer through 2 recent seasons, the UCL and the Eredivisie.

As a good deserved result, he reaches a big deal in this season.