Top 10 greatest national football teams in the world all time

Football is the king of sports with a long time. There are many competitions or tournaments about football held in domestic and international scale. Above all, world cup is the biggest festival about football which is taken place 4 years one time.

During the history of World Cup, which national football team is the greatest? Following this article and find correct answers.

1/ Argentina

Argentina owned one special talent- Diego Maradona who contributed to victories and winnings of this football team in a few World Cup seasons.

The most memorial competition is World Cup 1986 organized in Mexico. The key person of team- Maradona led their teammate came the finals to face up with West Germany. They tried the best to defeat their opponent with 3-2 scores which is near. Actually, this final match was an unforgettable event in careers of Argentina’s players, especially Maradona was proposed as “Hand of God” after winning in the quarter-final.

The 1986 World marked big achievements in football history of Argentina.

2/ France

France has several times for World Cup champions like 1982-1986 season, 1998-2000 season.

Firstly, about 1982 World Cup. Michel Platini became inspiration source for this team to keep promise of the French for champions. In this season, they were hosts therefore, it pushed them more willingness and confidence to have a ticket for finals.

After the winning in 1982, until 1998 they found in glorious fashion when they continued to host the World Cup again. So, they were smart to control a great chance of winning. There are some heroes for this championship like Marcel Desailly, Didier Deschamps, Thierry Henry and especially, Zinedine Zidane.

3/ Hungary

In the World Cup 1950 season, Hungary was nicknamed as “the golden team” or “the Magical Magyars”. Above all, Ferenc Puskas became the greatest hero in Hungary.

Although they faced powerful opponents such as Brazil in the quarter-final, Uruguay in the semis and West Germany in the final, they step by step to overcome other strong opponents to reach the championship.