Top 10 greatest national football teams in the world all time

If you are a fan of football, you should follow our ranking about top the best national football teams ever in the global. This ranking will be counted on titles for champions of football events such as FIFA World Cup, the Euro Cup, the America Cup so on.

Almost these teams are loved by fans of this nation and millions of fans in the world because some special playing styles as well great list of achievements.

7/ West Germany

During 1970 to 1976, this was the peak season of West Germany when they reach many highest titles. They won the European cup in 1972, then they continued to get title in FIFA World Cup in 1976. These achievements were the highest position in football.

The fact that they were in their best with a well-oiled machine in total positions. For example, Franz Beckenbauer was named as a master of the stylish sweeper or Gerd Muller was full of energy inside to plunder the goals to this team needs.

Thanks for a perfect machine, they have ever got many achievements in the greatest period in the West Germany football history.

8/ France

Frame came to France since 1998, they were host for FIFA World Cup. They took advantages of the host country, step by step to go the finals surprisingly. At the final match which was the best expected, they were smart and strong to be against the opponent and get a great chance of winning.

Someone called 1998-2000 was period of France when they owned many talented stars like Marcel Desailly, Didier Deschamps, Thierry Henry and Zinedine Zidane to make a great team then change sport history in France.

All of players. Zidane was the best hero. He made two goals in final World Cup 1998 against Brazil and one goal in the Euro Cup 2000 against Italy.