The Premier League transfer deal sheet?

When time is running out, it’s usually a good time to get the transfer sheet ready, but what is it actually? 

Transfer deadline day is a challenging, stressful time for Premier League clubs those prefer to get all of their business wrapped up well in advance before the window shutting. However, these things are hardly straightforward, involving many stakeholders such as agents, players, board members while clubs always looking to get the best deal.

Indeed, sometimes transfers are not agreed until the last possible seconds, which inevitably leads to a hectic time for clubs and their administrative staff.

However, a grace period can be achieved through the use of ‘deal sheets’. This article brings everything you need to know about the transfer deal sheet.

What is a ‘deal sheet’?

The deal sheet is simply a form which is filled out to confirm that negotiations have been agreed and that a deal has been reached between the two parties.

When a transfer deal has been concluded at the last minute it may not be possible to get every last piece of documentation completed and sent before the deadline. In such condition, it is possible to be given additional time in order to take care of paperwork by making use of a deal sheet.

Premier League transfer deal sheet

The deal sheet can only be used within the two hours before the deadline and it must be received and acknowledged by the league before the deadline passes.

After the successful submission of a deal sheet, clubs are given an additional two hours after the deadline in which to get all the documents finished.

It is slightly more difficult for international transfers, which requires clubs to comply with the FIFA Transfer Matching System deadline of midnight timing..

What documents are included in a transfer?

The process of finalising a transfer finishes with the registration of a player with the league. As part of this, clubs must sent all the documents relevant to the transfer, such as the following:


Transfer Agreement

Permission to work in the country

International clearance